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Te Waka o Ngā Ākonga Māori

Massey University (Albany)

Te Waka ō Ngā Ākonga Māori was founded in 1986. Since then, we have provided tauira māori with pastoral care resources and support by utilising Māori based uira such as Whakawhānaungatanga, Manaakitanga, Kaitiakitanga and Rangatiratanga. Kaitiakitanga is one of the most important aspects of our kaupapa, with events held every year to encourage the protection of Pāpatuanuku. Our whare can be used by tauira Māori for study as well as a place to hang out and have fun, with regular lunches held for students to get to meet each other. Te Waka encourages the learning of toi, with upcoming whare to learn toi whakairo, raranga and whatu kākahu. Te Waka prides itself on supporting tauira Māori, both academically and socially, throught out their time at Massey Albany.

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