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He Hītori

A brief history of Te Mana Ākonga

  • Student action began with the likes of Tā Apirana Ngata, Te Rangihīroa, Tā Māui Pōmare and James Carroll in 1897, through to the establishment of the Young Māori Party in 1909. Although it wasn’t an official political party, it had political intentions.

  • Officially born in the 1970s out of the student protest movements and in response to social issues (revival period).

  • Established as The New Zealand Federation of Māori Students with Whetu Tirikatene-Sullivan as tumuaki.

  • Over time we have been referred to/renamed as – Huinga Rangatahi, Ngā Toki o Aotearoa, Manaaki Tauira.

  • We once Included He Taua (Ngā Tamatoa) and the Te Reo Māori Society.

  • The 1970 Young Māori Leaders’ Conference at the University of Auckland showed the anger and frustration of Māori students.

  • The 1972 nationwide petition led by Ngā Tamatoa for the inclusion of te reo in primary and secondary schools was released.

  • We eventually moved from Ngā Toki o Aotearoa to Te Mana Ākonga, an incorporated society. 

  • We currently serve Tauira Māori throughtout Aotearoa in Tertiary Education, actively advocating and supporting them throughout their studies. 


Ngā Kaimahi o Mua


 - Renata White (Tumuaki)

- Nkhaya Paulsen-More (Tumuaki)

- Joshua Wainui (Kaihāpai)


- Nohorua Parata (Tumuaki)

- Mamaeroa Merito (Tumuaki)

- Kyle Murray (Kaihāpai)


- Mamaeroa Merito (Tumuaki)

- Tiana Mihaere (Kaihāpai)


- Parekura Pewhairangi (Tumuaki)

- Pohoira Iopata (Tumuaki)


- Te Wehi Wright (Tumuaki)

- Geneveine Wilson (Tumuaki)

- Elijah Pue (Kaihāpai)

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